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Connectivity After the Disaster

Mar 23, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

In our last post we said it was a very bad idea to have all of your data stored in one place. Wolf Creek School District in Alberta found themselves in this very position when their largest high school caught fire – but they were ready. Using GT’s partner Alcatel-Lucent’s WLAN access strategy with an end-to-end joint solution of switches and wireless LAN, they were able to connect 7000 students and 1000 teachers after the fire rendered the high school a mere shell.

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Via SearchNetworking:

When a fire temporarily shut down a large high school, a Canadian school district found that its WLAN access solution, with a bring-your-own-device policy for students and staff, really paid off.

At Interop 2011, Mark McWhinnie, director of technology integration at the Wolf Creek School Division in Alberta, Canada, is sharing how he spun his WLAN access strategy with an end-to-end joint solution of switches and wireless LAN from Alcatel-Lucent and network access control (NAC) from InfoExpress.

When a minor fire shut down Wolf Creek’s largest high school for about a month, the district was forced to house students in empty classrooms across a handful of other schools. The district’s bring-your-own-device solution allowed the students to continue learning and accessing network resources even though they were scattered, because the infrastructure could grant access regardless of location and device.