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From LEGO to Clouds: Connecting the Pieces

Jul 17, 2012 Blog 0 Comment
From LEGO to Clouds: Connecting the Pieces

By: Marie Hattar
Kids might be building Hogwarts now instead of the Death Star when it comes to LEGOs, but pieces from their old sets still work with new structural elements. Even beauty salons are getting hip to the idea that when you can simplify a system of elements so that they easily work together, customers get more satisfaction. Happily, I see this as a technology industry trend, as well.

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Many companies realize that today’s consumers share and store data across a variety of different electronic devices. So, now they’re making it easier to connect between them. For example, the smartphone market is moving to the convenience of universal USB chargers. If you change or upgrade your cell phone, you can just plug your new one into your existing charger.

In New Jersey, 10 teachers from two different schools participated in a pilot to integrate different technology devices into their lessons. After three months, the participants felt that it was a success. And, they discovered how technology platforms and social media could work together for effective learning. In much of the way of LEGO, they started with two schools and now the school district is likely to scale this technology integration more broadly and have the option of adapting all different types of gadgets in the future.

It’s the same principle behind Cisco’s Cloud Intelligent Network. It’s all about integrating different pieces in order to create an intelligently designed structure. This enterprise network solution establishes a foundation to securely and efficiently unify a world of many clouds and many devices, so that businesses can seamlessly adapt to the growing cloud environment by increasing connectivity and collaboration.

The beauty of all this integration and unification is that it removes barriers to productivity and innovation. So whether you’re creating a masterpiece from LEGOs, pulling together your next “it” look, or designing your network architecture, the silver bullet is an integrated system that will evolve with your needs. All the pieces connected, seamlessly and simply. And who doesn’t get satisfaction from that?

Used with the permission of The Network, Cisco’s technology news site