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Is Your Business Secure?

May 15, 2012 Blog 1 Comment
Is Your Business Secure?

News has been coming out about Best Buy’s security being compromised. Hackers are placing orders under customer accounts and being approved. Small businesses face a similar problem everyday but with GT’s Security Services, business owners have peace-of-mind their business is safe, secure, and PCI compliant.

I recently had a run in with Best Buy. After the x-mas 2011 debacle I have steered clear of shopping there, and spend my money at other stores. On May 1st I received an email saying my order for a $50 PlayStation Network Code had been placed. I was surprised as I had not ordered this. I had another email from a few hours later saying the order had been canceled as they were unable to verify my information.

As I was concerned about fraud I called Best Buy customer service to try and get some help figuring out how this order had been placed. After a long wait time I finally spoke to a cust serv rep. He had a hard time understanding what I was saying when I told him there was an order on my account that I had not placed. He then told me that it could not be fraud because I had placed the order. I told him again I had not placed it. He suggested my child(ren) might have placed it while playing a game. I assured him my child(ren) did not place an order as the PlayStation had not been turned on at all that day, and no one had the password to my account. I asked to speak to the fraud department, and was told they do not have a fraud dept phone number or contact person for customers. In frustration I searched the Best Buy website for help. I stumbled upon the discussion boards, read about people having similar issues, and posted my request for help there.

Source: Consumerist