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The Network: Week In Review June 18 – 22

Jun 22, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

Check out The Network’s top news stories of the week.

June 22 , 2012
Happy Friday everyone! Check out The Network’s top stories of the week!


Cisco’s Pascale Delaunay: London Calling

With the Olympics starting next month, meet Pascale Delaunay, a Cisco engineer working hard to achieve her Olympic dream. Find out what motivates her to work hard both at work and in her personal life.


Staying Connected to the Mobile Cloud – Why Your Future Depends On It:

As the cloud continues to diversify – encompassing all things mobile – companies will require seamless connectivity to meet the demand from its workforce and customers. Do you find yourself relying on mobile devices more than you have in the past?


Demo: Introducing Cisco WebEx Social

Cisco WebEx Social (formerly known as Cisco Quad) brings social collaboration to mobile devices, email and productivity applications. Check out the demo from Enterprise 2.0 here!