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The Network: Week In Review June 4 - 8

Jun 08, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

June 07 , 2012
Next week is Cisco Live, the industry’s premier event for IT, networking and communications professionals! Who’s going physically or even virtually? We are looking forward to seeing all of you there! In the meantime, take a look at The Network’s top stories of this week!

1.) Cisco Delivers Foundation for Next-Generation Mobile Internet

On Tuesday, Cisco introduced the Cisco ASR 5500 platform, the industry’s first elastic mobile solution that was designed to increase performance by up to 10 times. The Cisco ASR 5500 was also designed to target the three-dimensional challenges of what is becoming the “new normal”, which includes the growth of mobile lifestyle devices, the desire for application freedom, and the rise of the Internet of the things.


2.) IPv6 a New Wave of Opportunities

Wednesday marked an historic date in the evolution of the Internet as the industry launches the new protocol for the Internet, IP version 6 (IPv6). Cisco is among the inaugural members of the World IPv6 launch!


3.) Demo: Fundamentals of the Unified Communications BE 6000

The Cisco Business Edition 6000 delivers the superior performance, system redundancy, and broad application integration you need. Well suited for businesses with 100 to 1000 employees, it’s an ideal choice when migrating from analog, digital, or hybrid-PBX phone systems. Watch this Fundamentals episode from TechWiseTV to learn just what makes this system different.