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The Network: Week In Review May 14 – 18

May 18, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

Check out The Network’s (Cisco) top news stories of the week.

Can’t believe it is already Friday again! Check out The Network’s top stories of the week…

Government and Cloud Computing

This new feature by Steve Wildstrom focuses on how the federal government sees great opportunties in cloud computing. How aggressive has your company been in moving IT operations into the cloud?

Brazil’s Bright Future as a Connected Economy

With the world’s fifth-largest population, a galloping economy, and a thirst for technology, Brazil’s potential to be a networked powerhouse cannot be ignored. Which do you think will be the top global hotspots in 2020?

Cisco Study: IT Saying Yes to BYOD

On Wednesday, Cisco announced new survey findings that show many IT managers are not only saying yes to BYOD and mobility, but are embracing it. Cisco also highlighted ‘Smart Solutions’ for the enterprise and opportunities for service providers that can drive amazing and secure mobile experiences at work, home and virtually anywhere. Check out the news and watch a replay of the webcast below.


Used with the permission of The Network, Cisco’s technology news site