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The Network: Week In Review May 21 – 25

May 25, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

May 24 , 2012
Happy Memorial Day weekend to all those living in the United States! What does everyone have planned for the long weekend? Before you head out to the beach, check out Cisco’s The Network top stories of the week.

1.) Road Warriors – First to Ditch the Laptop?

Are laptops headed to the dust heap of history? By 2015, sales of tablets will surpass laptops, causing some observers to proclaim we’ve entered the post-PC world. It’s no surprise mobile workers appear to be leading this trend. Read more about this industry trend in Kristi Essick’s new feature article.

2.) Man vs Grid: Engineer Battles the World

Ever wonder just how tough a router can be? This router goes from sub-zero to submerged and comes out fully operational. Watch as a Cisco engineer puts the world’s toughest router to the test.

3.) Remote Experts Transform Customer Experiences

Bank of Montreal (BMO) launched a “remote expert” service to ensure that all of its customers have access to relevant expertise, no matter where they are.