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The Network: Week In Review May 28 – June 1

Jun 01, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

Wow, can you believe it is already June? The months are sure flying by! Take a look at The Network’s top stories for the last week in May and the first day of June!

1.) Network Trazilblazers: A Conversation with Van Jacobson

Computer scientist Van Jacobson talks to Scott Gurvey about his work on TCP/IP the flow of data

2.) The Cloud And The Final Frontier: Any Device, Any Data, Any Time

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is pushing into the public cloud for storing science plans and computation for its Mars Exploration Rovers. So much data, so many choices. How has the increased demand for information changed the way JPL operates? Check out this new feature by Melissa Jun Rowley now!


3.) Cisco’s VNI Forecast Projects the Internet Will Be Four Times as Large in Four Years

The annual Cisco VNI Forecast expects worldwide devices and connections to grow to almost 19 billion, nearly doubling, from 2011 to 2016.


4.) One Day at Cisco: Engineers Showcase Their Talents
Check out innovation in action as engineers from around Cisco come together to share ideas. It’s like watching a brainstorm in real time!