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The Network: Week in Review

May 04, 2012 Blog 0 Comment

Check out The Network’s (Cisco) top news stories of the week.


May 03 , 2012
It’s Friday again! What does everyone have planned for the weekend? Be sure to check out The Network next week as we will have a lot of new updates to share! Now, take a look at the top news stories of the week.

1.) The Cloud and the Changing Role of the Investor

As the growth of cloud computing creates more entrepreneurial and business opportunities, new investing trends are taking shape in tech arena. If startups don’t need as much capital in the beginning, what does that mean for VCs? Check out this feature by writer Melissa Jun Rowley!

2.) Network Trailblazers: A Conversation with Luis Von Ahn

Computer science innovator and entrepreneur, Luis Von Ahn, chats with Anne Field about his work harnessing human brainpower and computers to address problems neither can solve alone. Follow Luis Von Ahn on Twitter!

3.) Top Tech Tips: Five Lessons for Using Tech in Education

Advice and case studies on how teachers and districts are making technology coexist with old-school systems for an overall better learning experience.

4.) Demo: Fundamentals of 802.11ac

The 802.11ac standard sounds like a step backwards alphabetically…but it will soon be an incredible step forward forward for WiFi once it is ratified by the IEEE. Watch this latest demo to get comfortable with the truth.