Our Partners win PilotHouse Awards for IP Telephony

Our Partners win PilotHouse Awards for IP Telephony

Our partners Cisco and Avaya have won the PilotHouse Awards for IP Telephony for Market Leaders. Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent have tied for third in PilotHouse Awards for Market Challengers, only .17 points from first. We congratulate all our partners on a job well done and continue to look forward in our partnerships with them.

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The big trend in this year’s IP telephony ratings is the rise of the Challengers. Every one of the Challengers receives a higher overall score than the two Market Leaders—and by an impressive difference. The Challengers are blowing the Leaders away in customer service and to a lesser extent, value. In every area, the Challengers outscore Leaders, Cisco and Avaya.

The two Market Leaders tie overall, indicating there is little difference in the perception among IT professionals using these providers. In a departure from last year, Avaya beats Cisco in technology (4.11 vs. 4.03). Like last year, Cisco beats Avaya in customer-­‐service, but the gap between the two narrows considerably (Last year’s scores were 3.86 vs. 3.57 for Cisco and Avaya, respectively; this year’s scores are 4.00 vs. 3.92). Value is nearly the same for both providers.

Overall, Market Leaders earn a score of 3.96, and Challengers get a 4.20.

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