Global Telecom ranked #2 on the Hot50 for 2010!

The economy has been in such a sorry state for the past two years that you can’t expect companies to have done much more than stay afloat. Try telling that to the PROFIT HOT 50. The firms on PROFIT’s 11th annual ranking of Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies haven’t merely survived in the most perilous economy in decades, they’ve flourished. The HOT 50 have shown that even in a Great Recession, you can go great guns. The proof: over the past two years alone, the country’s hottest young businesses have achieved average revenue growth of 548%.  What’s their secret? Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurial bright lights has shown a keen eye for exploiting under-served niches, a willingness to take risks, a ruthless attention to cost control and, above all, a passionate commitment to delivering value to their customers.