Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud gives you precise, dynamic allocation of computing resources with the scale, performance and security to handle enterprise-wide applications.


The Power and Potential of the Enterprise Cloud, Right Now.

GT brings the power of the cloud to the enterprise with solutions built to integrate seamlessly into your existing I.T. infrastructure, compatible with your existing applications, and conforming to your policies and compliance needs, helping you move faster, respond quicker, and accelerate innovation. Enterprise Cloud gives you precise, dynamic allocation of computing resources with the scale, performance and security to handle enterprise-wide applications. Large organizations, IT executives and multi-site teams will appreciate the robust solution for its multi-user capacity, dedicated resource pool architecture and role-based security model as well as private network connectivity and physical device integration.

We offer you services and solutions in every part of the cloud services continuum enabling you to adopt the cloud that is right for your business and your needs, right now. Our portfolio of highly secure, scalable, and on-demand solutions include from private cloud deployments and traditional IT managed services as well as public cloud services for enterprises that deliver flexibility and choice.



The Enterprise Cloud combines the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service with the expertise, security and availability that large organizations with mission-critical computing needs demand of their infrastructure.



An easy-to-use Web-based management interface provides command and control over a cloud-based resource pool of compute, storage and network built on a fully clustered enterprise-class computing architecture featuring virtualization technology from VMware, the industry leader in enterprise virtualization, and housed in GT’s secure, top-tier datacenters.

Because it’s based on resources, not large and inflexible server units, The Enterprise Cloud allows for precise and dynamic allocation of computing resources when and where they’re needed. And, because it’s based on GT’s proven Infinistructure utility computing platform, massive and diverse network connectivity and top-tier data centers, The Enterprise Cloud has the scale, performance and security to meet all your enterprises needs.

The Enterprise Cloud gives customers a discrete, dedicated pool of compute resources (CPU, memory, and storage) where you create and manage your own virtual servers. You can also control load balancers and firewall resources allocated to your environment without requiring specialized knowledge or assistance. All of this through an easy-to-use Web console.


How To Build A Server

Using The Enterprise Cloud, customers can quickly deploy servers from their own pool of virtual resources. Once a server is created, customers can add or remove memory, processing and storage as your needs change.


Enterprise Cloud Network Overview

The Network tab on the Enterprise Cloud’s web-based interface manages the networking of the virtual machines and connects devices to the Internet. Public IP addresses, DMZ networks and internal networks are all configurable via the interface console.


Enterprise Cloud with GTSwitch, the seamless hybrid cloud solution that’s revolutionizing enterprise IT.


Enterprise Class Cloud Computing

GT’s Enterprise Cloud sets the standard for enterprise-class cloud computing—with the SLA levels, security models, professional services, and world-class data centers that allow organizations to run their critical applications in the cloud with confidence. Enterprise Cloud now includes award-winning GTSwitch software that bridges your data center with GT’s cloud computing services to create a compelling hybrid model for enterprise IT. Enterprise Cloud becomes a seamless, elastic extension of your IT infrastructure (whether your own data center or a GT colocation or managed services environment). New and legacy apps can be deployed into the cloud with point and click simplicity, and managed as if they were running locally.

Rather than endless data center build-outs, Enterprise Cloud with GTwitch software lets you run your applications in much more agile and cost-effective ways. Whether you’re migrating existing applications to the cloud or creating new ones, your cloud-based resources will integrate automatically with critical internal processes and management tools. Offload non-critical applications to preserve your data center resources, or automatically scale out applications when usage spikes—all this and more, without changing anything, and with the security your business depends on.


End-to-end Security

GT understands that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information is a top priority for enterprises and government agencies, and we address these concerns with multi-layer security. At the core: the GTSwitch isolation layer that encompasses your entire cloud deployment. Within this secure envelope, applications and data are encrypted end to end, from inside your firewall, across the Internet, and throughout the Enterprise Cloud. Encryption keys are always under your control, and delivered to the cloud inside the envelope only when needed. Around this core, we add the physical security of our data centers, the availability of our grid architecture, and the most advanced tools, services and instrumentation, managed by experienced and certified security professionals.


Features at a Glance

Enterprise-Class Agility: Point and click your Windows and Linux applications into the cloud with NO changes. Servers can also be started or stopped automatically on a scheduled basis or in response to events, such as when a specified threshold is reached.

Enterprise-Class Resources: Enterprise Cloud’s virtual private datacenter technology gives you access to discrete, dedicated pools of compute resources (CPU, memory, and storage), built on a widely-scalable, exceptionally reliable computing architecture.

Enterprise-Class Control: Manage applications in the cloud as if they were running locally, using familiar tools and processes in a single, integratedenvironment. Cloud resources become part of your enterprise infrastructure,with external resource pools appearing alongside internal ones.


Enterprise Cloud is a managed computing platform that gives you the power to provision computing resources for mission critical applications in minutes. Enterprise Cloud lets customers control a resource pool of processing, storage and memory and allows you to deploy server capacity on demand.


Power, Simplicity & Control
By walking through the intuitive Enterprise Cloud wizard, your virtual machine goes from a template to a fully available computing resource. Prepare servers in advance – while powered off your resource pool remains unaffected, giving you immediate availability when the need arises. No locked-in processor/memory/storage configurations; allocate these to each server as needed, independently of one another. Simply shut down the server and allocate additional processors, memory, or storage.

Largest Number of Supported Operating Systems
The Enterprise Cloud supports more than 450 operating system configurations including Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, SUSE Linux and Ubuntu. If you have pre-existing ISOs or custom OS needs you have the freedom to upload and install on blank virtual machines.

Integrated Network and Firewall Management
The Enterprise Cloud interface lets you manage connecting your virtual machines to the Internet. The firewall management feature gives you the ability to modify and create firewall rule sets as needed for their environments. You can also send firewall logs to a syslog server configured within your cloud environment, or externally if required.

Integrated Load Balancing
Load Balanced services are achieved simply by adding additional nodes to public IPs on the Enterprise Cloud. From the Web-based interface, customers can perform load balancing, network address translation (NAT), and port address translation (PAT), as well as combinations of those services.

Private Network Integration
The Enterprise Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with your own existing private network. GT handles the configuration, address management, and security concerns associated with interconnecting this hybrid environment. All network connections are made via secure channels (Utility LAN-LAN, Dedicated LAN-LAN, or Point-to-Point Circuit connections) that safely link only subscribed cloud resources to the enterprise network.

Multiple Environments in the World’s Most Secure Facilities
Enterprise Cloud environments are located in GT’s top-tier datacenters, allowing you to create disaster recovery solutions and system redundancy across geographically diverse facilities. The Enterprise Cloud’s Web-based console lets you manage multiple environments from a single interface.

Physical Device Integration
Do you have a database server that is completely optimized or an application that simply runs better on a dedicated device? Maybe a corporate mandate that certain transaction types must not run in a shared environment – regardless of security measures taken? If so, the Enterprise Cloud can be combined with your dedicated servers and managed from the same Web-based interface. Exposing this server in the Enterprise Cloud takes only a few minutes and once a LAN-LAN connection is established you have complete control over these dedicated resources. This provides the best of both worlds; the elasticity of the cloud combined with the security and compliance of dedicated hardware.

Security and Compliance
The Enterprise Cloud provides a highly secure foundation for your business applications, with an architecture designed to help meet today’s critical compliance and certification requirements, including passed SAS-70 Type II Audit, PCI-DSS and Safe Harbor. For customers requiring more comprehensive security services on the cloud, GT has a team of information security experts that can work with you to determine the security posture that is appropriate for your cloud environment.

Copy Server
With our easy server duplication function you have the ability to take a snapshot a server, creating a perfect block-level copy, or create master templates for later deployment of additional capacity.


The Enterprise Cloud is powered by a proven cloud computing platform, which leverages technology from world-class infrastructure partners such as HP, IBM, VMware, NetApp and Cisco to achieve unmatched flexibility and control.



The grid architecture of the Enterprise Cloud provides complete physical redundancy to eliminate downtime due to hardware failure. In fact, the system can even move applications across physical devices live and with no service interruption. And automated resource balancing provides continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure peak performance.

Resource Pools
The Enterprise Cloud architecture is based around the concept of resource pools – a dedicated segment of cloud infrastructure that gives you guaranteed access to computing capacity. The system’s inherent flexibility yields unprecedented scalability and agility. Server-based elasticity allows servers to dip into the pool when memory and processing is required, immediately releasing those resources when they’re no longer needed.

Burst Mode
The Enterprise Cloud’s Dynamic Capacity Management feature allows you to automatically deal with unforeseen spikes in usage by enabling “burst mode” access to a pool of additional resources, available on a metered basis. This hybrid model provides the best of both worlds – guaranteed, reliable access to the compute capacity you need every day, with a cost-effective and dynamic way to deal with unexpected spikes.

VMware Virtualized
The Enterprise Cloud is built leveraging technology from VMware, the leader in virtual server technology. VMware’s robust and secure virtualization platform gives you freedom and control, complete reliability and high security. That’s why VMware is the overwhelming choice for cloud computing, in use by all of the Fortune 100.

Role-Based Security
Customers can create user accounts and provide access to their systems on the Enterprise Cloud. Set, define, and revoke user roles and responsibilities as needed delegating workloads amongst internal resources and creating controls for workflow management.

High Performance Storage
The Enterprise Cloud delivers storage on a redundant, high-performance Fibre-attached SAN architecture. Add disks to virtual servers in increments of 1GB to 512GB which pulls from the storage pool purchased for your environment. To keep track of your overall storage utilization, The Enterprise Cloud provides a dashboard of the total disk count for your environment so that you know what has been allocated and when you need to purchase additional storage capacity.

Intuitive, Web-Based Control
At the heart of the Enterprise Cloud is the easy to use management console. With the click of a mouse button you can dynamically provision new servers from a dedicated pool of physical resources, including processing, memory and storage. Select from pre-configured server templates for easy deployment, or customize your own for total control. We provide you with a full reporting interface that gives visual feedback to historical resource allocation and utilization. So it’s easy to effectively manage and optimize your server infrastructure.


GT understands that assuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of mission critical information is a top priority for enterprises and government agencies.


Our multi-layer approach to delivering security services enables our customers to purchase appropriate risk reduction services in order to achieve a desired state of protection at all levels within their Enterprise Cloud environment. Multi-layer security services can be delivered in the cloud to defend your web sites, applications and data from malicious attacks by combining the most advanced state-of-the-art tools, services and instrumentation, all managed by a team of trained, experienced and certified security professionals. GT’s ability to deliver advanced security services on the Enterprise Cloud has significantly differentiated it from other platforms, as well as made it the cloud of choice for government customers.

Our managed security services can be overlaid in the cloud and can address the following areas of protection and instrumentation:

Security Services

  • Firewall: Customer Managed, GT Managed, Co-Managed
  • Intrusion Detection Systems: Network and Host Based
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems: Network and Host Based
  • Logging: Export to Client or GT’s Log Aggregation Servers and Security Event and Information Manager
  • Managed Secure information Event and Information manager and 24/7 SOC monitoring
  • Encryption: Various Solutions for data in motion and at rest and in archive (VPN’s, Database and Tape Encryption)
  • Managed File Integrity monitoring
  • Managed Application Layer Firewalls: Host and Network Based
  • Managed Scanning: Vulnerability Analysis for Network, Application and Database
  • Managed Netflow Aggregation and Anomalous Behavior Monitoring
  • Managed Full Network Packet/Disk/Memory Image Capture and Forensics
  • Managed Incident Response
  • Managed End User Analytics and Root Cause Analysis
  • Extensive and successful experience supporting clients with FIPS, NIST 800-53, PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27000, SAS70 Type II, HB 1386
  • Complete Suite of Professional Services Available