IT Professional Services

Our IT Professional Services have helped some of the world’s leading enterprises conquer the ever-present challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies and evolving business processes.

Increasingly, global enterprises are struggling to navigate an ever-changing, complex environment. They must integrate new technologies and applications with limited resources. Improve how they store and manage data. Stay current on technology and security standards. And closely manage both project timelines and costs.

GT can help turn such challenges into a business advantage. Our IT Professional Services have helped some of the world’s leading enterprises conquer the ever-present challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies and evolving business processes, maintaining consistent application performance, and providing secure access to information.

We offer a modular portfolio of solutions spanning areas including data center, business continuity, virtualization, storage, application infrastructure and performance, as well as cloud services all delivered by experts in areas including planning, design, and implementation.

Whether you need to improve the experience of your end-users, reduce time-to-market, support a scalable environment, expand your e-commerce capabilities, ensure availability, or introduce new applications to meet changing business goals, our experts can not only implement customized solutions to address your technology needs, but also monitor and manage their performance freeing up your IT resources to focus on the business at hand.


Application performance and availability are becoming central to enterprise viability. More and more, they serve to differentiate between organizations focused merely on getting business done, and those focused on making new opportunities happen.


A well-tuned application infrastructure can help you reduce time to market, integrate global operations, drive business continuity, and respond faster to customers, which can translate into greater potential for growth and profitability.

GT can help keep your applications and your business focus on point. We’ve helped some of the world’s leading enterprises get the most out of their application platforms, and ultimately improve business performance. We combine in-depth expertise and industry best practices to help deploy mission-critical applications properly and improve application performance – which can help you maintain end-user productivity, foster application reliability and scalability, and hone your focus on cost efficiencies.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen the capacity of your current application infrastructure or enhance application performance, GT can help improve the responsiveness of your people, and safeguard the reputation of your enterprise.


Natural disasters, security breaches, system outages, environmental calamities. Although no business is immune to the unexpected events that can impact and disrupt operations, those that are prepared are far more capable of weathering the storm.


GT can help your business not only survive the tough times, but deliver on the expectations of your clients in spite of them. Our professional service consultants can help you create or augment a business continuity plan that helps mitigate the effects of hardware and facility failures and other pitfalls associated with natural disasters, malicious attacks, and security breaches before they impact your ability to deliver.

We can help put the right controls in place to combat risk while maintaining applications and data access; monitor the performance of your current IT environment to maintain availability when issues arise; and help you address critical business continuity and information security compliance requirements. As the first North American-based global communications provider to be accepted into the BSI Management Systems Associate Consultant Program for BS 25999, a global standard for business continuity management, we maintain both the know-how and the credentials to keep businesses up and running.


Whether you’re looking to bring products to market faster, operate more efficiently, accelerate growth, combat risk, or reduce complexity, almost anything is possible when you take your business to the cloud.


Cloud computing can help businesses improve flexibility, agility and provisioning time, and better manage IT operating costs. Yet some remain cautious about committing to the cloud, asking whether network connections, servers, and storage capabilities will remain available, manageable, and secure.

GT offers a path to the cloud that’s anything but hazy. Our professional service consultants employ a flexible approach that reaches across every phase of the cloud lifecycle. We can help you navigate numerous cloud options including private, public, or a hybrid of both. Our offerings support multiple technology platforms and can provide a transition that supports your business and technology needs – and we underpin all of our services with leading security expertise.


Data center management can be one of the most complex undertakings an enterprise can face. At the same time, it can represent one of the greatest opportunities for harnessing, streamlining, and augmenting the power of enterprise IT.


Whether it’s assessment, design, migration, or consolidation, a well-executed data center initiative can help you maintain an uninterrupted focus on performance – and on meeting the needs of your customers and stakeholders – in the face of growing IT management and user demands.

It all comes down to proper preparation, focused planning, and intelligent implementation. And GT’s professional service consultants can deliver on all points.

Whether you want to augment or integrate your data center environment, we can help develop a plan that addresses your specific requirements, and yields measurable results including improved strategic planning capabilities and improved application and infrastructure performance.

Ultimately, our ability to help you classify, consolidate, migrate, and manage your data center assets can help you control management costs, reduce complexity, and focus your efforts where they make the most impact.


In so many ways, growth signifies enterprise viability and strength. Growing customers reflect effective focus. Growing markets signify expanding reach. Growing initiatives represent new opportunities for profitability.


Indeed, growth is typically a positive – but not when it comes to the growing complexity associated with enterprise data. Unfortunately for many businesses, the ability to manage exploding volumes of data, backup and store that information properly, and maintain its availability can become an overwhelming task.

Smart Storage Solutions

GT can help you intelligently manage data sprawl. Our storage services professional consulting experts can help you assess, streamline, integrate, implement, and manage a cohesive storage environment that can improve business performance, strengthen business continuity management, and effectively combat the complexities associated with storing and accessing massive amounts of data.

From data retention and storage assessments to day-to-day administration of storage networks, we can help you meet increasing user needs, integrate and maintain new and changing technologies, address data storage compliance requirements, and meet new application demands. We can also help you put your storage network to the most intelligent and efficient use, which can help you reduce complexity and control costs.


There’s no getting around it. A competitive enterprise must also be an agile one. Responsiveness, focus, and operational efficiency are no longer simply “nice to haves” for global businesses; they’re essential, and expected.


Unfortunately, as the world evolves and opportunities grow, so do the services, applications, servers, and devices required to get business done.

GT can help you gain control over your growing technology needs and become a more nimble enterprise. Our virtualization professional service experts can help you create and implement a plan to reduce your server footprint, leverage underused capacity, and consolidate IT resources and company data. That can translate into improved application availability and performance, and an ability to simplify system management and delivery.
Achieve Better Agility…and Results

We can help assess, design, build, migrate, manage, and secure highly available, comprehensive virtualization solutions. The payoffs can help improve business continuity management, reduce energy consumption and floor space requirements, create more responsive and focused staff and efficient operations, and control IT cost.

Our virtualization professional services can help your business do more with less. That’s the cornerstone of a truly agile enterprise.