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Managed Services for Mac

managed services for mac


GT provides a hosted solution that makes it possible to quickly and easily manage Apple Mac and iOS devices. It’s a full-featured Mobile Device Management server for iOS devices and it’s built on the best-of-breed management solution for Macs.

System Requirements

  • Any Mac running OS X Leopard v10.5.x (or later).
  • Any iPad, iPhone or iPod touch running iOS v4 (or later, although iOS 5 is preferred).


Key Messages

Desktop Intergration

GT provides the end-user insight into the status of their Macs using the custom, integrated GT Cloud Support Menu.

Web Access

IT managers and their clients (optional) can see exactly what devices are being managed from any web browser or iPad.

iOS Devices

GT Cloud is a full-featured, Mobile Device Management (MDM) Server.

Mac Security & Management

GT Cloud is secure, robust and flexible. A partial list of supported features include:

  • MCX (Managed Client for OS X) functions.
  • Apple Profiles introduced with Lion Profile Manager.
  • A management framework that allows GT Cloud to enforce any custom compliance an organization needs. Plus, it allows organizations to be compliant with greater confidence because policies are enforced every hour instead of only at login and logout.


Proven Engine

At the heart of GT Cloud is the JAMF Software Casper Suite, the proven and most effective platform for Mac & iOS management.

Quality Support

Supported by a team of certified Mac and iOS specialists. Their North American based Support Desk is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service.

Mac & iOS Benefits Include
  • Inventory – Know exactly what is managed. Track the status of devices with access to corporate data. Make more informed business decisions.
  • Security – Protect corporate data on a device. Ensure regulatory compliance. Apply critical patches fast and efficiently. GT Cloud uses enterprise level 4096-bit SSL Certificates and MD5 checksums to transmit data.
  • Distribution – Automate the installation and patching of software. Provide end-users with tools to help themselves. • Management – Get alerted to problems early. Troubleshoot faster. Stop putting out fires and start planning.

Mac Packages

Inventory & AlertsPolicy
Custom Policies-Avaliable
Support Menu
Device Scout
Self Service for Mac-


Choose from one of two GT Cloud packages for each of your Macs. You may also start with Inventory & Alerts and upgrade to Policy later. Both packages include automatic, ongoing Inventory & Alerts for every Mac Workstation or Server you choose to manage. Know exactly what you’re managing. Continually track your hardware and software inventory. Get alerted to trouble areas. Work faster and smarter.


  • Ongoing maintenance routines with alerts to problems.
  • Software installs and updates for Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and more.
  • Troubleshooting routines, like AppleJack.
  • CrashPlan PROe client and server installs, plus a custom controller.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Status.
  • Startup Volume Available Capacity.
  • AppleCare Limited Warranty Status.
  • Up-to-date hardware and software specs of all your Macs.
  • Security Enforcement.
  • Font Cache Cleaning.
  • Get Green Energy Settings.
  • Disable Automatic Updates (Adobe, Apple and Microsoft).


Custom Policies

Custom policies are available upon request. Your feedback makes GT Cloud smarter.


Support Menu

Direct access to your support resources.

Device Scout

Device Scout allows you (and your end-users if you choose) direct access to inventory information presented in an intelligent way.

Self Service for Mac

Self Service is a Mac application that allows Standard Users to safely and easily install software, apply updates or run maintenance authorized specifically for their machine.

iOS Package

Managed iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch Devices
Full featured Moblie Device Management (MDM) Server.
Volume Purchasing Plan (VPP) for Business and Education.
Full inventory reports.
Over-the-air (OTA) app installation.
Warranty information pulled directly from Apple.
Build custom management profiles, groups, and alerts.
Self Service for iOS

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

GT Cloud is a full-featured Mobile Device Management server. Every mobile device management feature Apple includes in iOS is built into GT Cloud. As Apple adds more features, so will GT Cloud. Choose to manage all of your iOS devices in a single GT Cloud instance or work with multiple instances – one for each organization you need to manage.

Management Features

GT Cloud allows central management of all your iOS devices, no matter where they’re located.

  • Software Distribution. Distribute apps over-the- air to individual devices or custom groups.
  • Suggest apps to install using Self Service for iOS.
  • Any app that is installed with GT Cloud can also be removed.
  • Policy Management. Build as many custom policies as you need. One for the sales team, one for the student lab, one for C-level executives.
  • Inventory Management. Always know what you’re dealing with. Full software and hardware specs of every device.
  • Security Management. Ensure your intellectual property remains secure with the ability to centrally manage and enforce all the security features built into iOS.
  • Service Management. Remote configuration and provisioning allows you to save time and money when it comes to servicing and supporting your devices and end-users.


Security & Compliance

One important reason to implement GT Cloud is to reduce risk. Asking iOS users to sign an acceptable use policy is important, but the only way to enforce compliance of security features is with MDM. Rather than trust users are doing the right thing, keep your intellectual property safe with security policies.

Bring Your Own Device

More users are asking to bring their devices to work, or work remotely to access company networks, email and servers. GT will allow you to securely integrate these devices into your infrastructure.

Self Service

Every device managed with GT receives a Self Service web clip that allows you to build and push out over-the-air a custom list of recommend iOS apps (In-House or App Store) and custom iOS Profiles.